Azure AD Single Sign-On 2wk Pilot Implementation

Oxford Computer Group LLC

This 2-week pilot implementation is designed to help customers understand and test Azure Active Directory Single Sign-On (SSO) by configuring SSO for 5 applications.

This Azure SSO Pilot implementation will be beneficial for companies looking to leverage their Azure licenses more fully. This Pilot can also be used to demonstrate like-for-like replacement of the SSO capabilities of third-party identity solutions, which can help organizations decrease license costs and accelerate cloud application integrations.

Process: The Azure SSO Pilot will demonstrate the functionality of Azure AD and can be conducted in a “sandbox” test environment or production tenant. The customer will select up to 5 applications from the Azure Gallery that will be used during the Pilot. The selected applications can also be configured in a “sandbox” environment. Applications that support multiple identity providers can be in production.


Areas within scope: Azure AD Single Sign-On Pilot Implementation configuration.

Pilot Configuration

  • Verify/Validate AD environment.
  • UPN remediation for 25 test accounts.
  • Verify/Validate Azure AD Connect setup.
  • Enable features: Password Hash Sync, password writeback, Desktop SSO, 2 Conditional Access policies.
  • Configure SSO for 5 applications in the Azure Gallery. These can be either SAM-based applications or password-based applications.
  • Validate functionality.

Pilot Acceptance

  • Certify that testing criteria meets customer objectives and determine whether to take solution into production environment.
  • Identify priorities for additional applications to move to Azure SSO.

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