Azure Identity Workshop: 2-Week Assessment

Oxford Computer Group LLC

Get expert answers fast with an Azure Identity Workshop

A properly managed identity system will do so much more than just help you manage your IT and user permissions. It is what stands between you and the people who would attack your organization.

Oxford Computer Group's Azure Identity Workshops are customized based on your organization's needs. The workshop consists of a series of discussions and will involve business and technical stakeholders from your organization.

Our technical architects examine your business goals, current infrastructure, and working practices in order to create a detailed report and recommendations for next steps. Your organization will receive expert guidance and recommendations to extend the use of Azure for improved identity and security processes.

What does our standard* Azure Identity Workshop include?

Stage 1: On-site workshops, interviews, and discussions (up to 5 days)

  • Through workshops and interviews, identify specific concerns and objectives, and projects already underway
  • Review your IT environment and understand how it applies to your business
  • Identify gaps and opportunities

Stage 2: Detailed report and recommendations (2-5 days)

  • Overview of current environment
  • Key risks and gap analysis
  • Recommendations for improvements
  • Broad implementation roadmap

Stage 3: Briefing session

  • Detailed presentation of report and executive briefing
  • Discussion of next steps

*Workshops are customized to suit the needs of each organization. Pricing will vary based on travel, customer requirements, and complexity.