Zero Trust Security: 3-day Workshop

Oxford Computer Group LLC

Leverage your Microsoft investment to create a strong Zero Trust security environment.

The premise of Zero Trust is “don’t trust, verify.” This approach applies to users, devices, and connectivity sessions and is extremely well suited to supporting remote workforces securely. Now, with more and more employees working remotely, it is more important than ever to create a strong Zero Trust security environment for users and data.

What should your organization be doing to ensure data and digital assets stay secure? How can you leverage your Microsoft 365, Microsoft Entra, and Windows investments to get started adopting a Zero Trust framework? OCG's Zero Trust workshop will help your organization learn about, explore, and prioritize Microsoft's identity and security capabilities so you can increase security, improve productivity, and reduce risk.

As an example, a 3-day Zero Trust workshop might include:

Day 1: Interviews and discussions

  • Identify specific concerns and objectives, and projects already underway
  • Review the threat landscape and understand how it applies to your business
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for improvement

Day 2: OCG creates a detailed report

  • Current security status
  • Key risks and gap analysis
  • Identify potential cost savings available by fully leveraging your existing Microsoft investment
  • Recommendations for improvements in Identity protection, Threat management, Access management, Device management, and Data loss prevention

Day 3: Briefing session and deliverables

  • Detailed report and executive briefing
  • Discuss implementation roadmap and next steps

Duration: Starting at 3 days. The workshop can be customized to fit your priorities and requirements.

Required Attendees: CISO and Senior Finance Officer (selected portions), Security Architects, Security Operations, Security Business Liaisons