Azure Application Modernization : 5-Day Assessment


Breathe new life into your legacy application by migrating to Azure, we can show you how!

Many organizations are finding their legacy applications are limiting their ability to compete. Over time, critical features can become harder to maintain, more difficult and costly to manage, and may not provide a modern user interface.

At OZ, we collaborate with our clients to focus on specific challenge areas, assess existing applications, and explore business optimization scenarios. Our team are experts in creating immersive user experiences, intelligently automating business processes, and streamlining workflows leveraging the latest Azure cloud technologies.

We pride ourselves in the quality and reliability of our technical solutions and provide an ideation to production, guided customer experience. By leveraging our OZWay process, we consistently deliver tangible results for our clients. Our teams have leveraged the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure to assist multiple clients in their application modernization migration to the Azure cloud, let us show you how!

In this engagement we will focus on how your solution can be modernized with Microsoft Azure, and we will provide you with a clear path towards a production solution.

Activities & Deliverables: • Conduct collaborative design workshops to understand business challenges and needs • Evaluate current application architecture and user experience • Work with business and technical stakeholders to understand goals and requirements • Provide high-level wireframe concepts • Provide an Architectural roadmap and solution recommendations • High-level cost analysis for application modernization to build and host using Microsoft Azure

Benefits & Outcomes: At the end of this assessment, you’ll walk away with a clear picture of your applications current state, how it aligns to your clients short and long-term needs, and actionable insights on how to take the next steps towards your modernization goals.