Cloud Native Readiness: 2-Week Assessment

P3 digital services GmbH

The P3 Cloud Native Readiness Assessment helps your company to become a true cloud native organization during the migration journey from A (Analysis) to Z (Implementation).

Get a faster reaction to market and customer requirements and create considerable competitive advantages. Fully exploit the capabilities of the cloud and get your enterprise applications ready for the future.

Becoming a true cloud native organization is a big challenge that requires the perfect combination of the four tenets of cloud-native development micro-services; containers; APIs; and DevOps. P3 has the expertise in those 4 fields to accompany your organization during this migration journey from A (Analysis) to Z (Implementation). P3 is a Microsoft Gold Partner and has been modernizing and migrating several applications to Microsoft Azure for many years using Azure Kubernetes Service and Azure DevOps.

Our approach starts with providing fast insight in optimization possibilities of your applications regarding the usage of cloud native solutions.

Details of P3’ s 2-week Cloud Native Readiness Assessment:

Kick-off meeting (1day)

  • Conducting first discussions to understand the business challenges and define the scope of our assessment work with a brief overview of the current and ideal set-up
  • Summarize the assessment’s value and set milestones and deliverables for the entire assessment period

Assessment phase (4 Days)

  • Identify the applications in need of modernization with an impact on business efficiency
  • Conduction of on-site interviews and workshops with operations teams to collect data about the identified application
  • Investigate and assess the identified Issues of current set-up and source code

Application Modernization Concept (5 Days)

  • Define the desired state and communicate the application modernization recommendations argued with benefits expectations
  • Present an application modernization roadmap and a new high-level design solution architecture
  • Handover the assessment documentation

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