Data & AI Platform: 6-Wk Imp.

paiqo GmbH

We help you define, design, develop and deliver your Data & AI Platform.

No matter at what point you are in implementing your AI and Data Platform. We can support you right from the start when defining the desired platform to the actual delivery and implementation of the platform. By utilizing Microsoft Azure we help you build a secure, scalable, state-of-the-art data platform that is easy to maintain. Utilizing the Microsoft Azure Data Platform also greatly reduces the amount of effort in developing and further enhancing the Data and AI Platform.

We also have great experience in setting up the AI platform operations with modern DevOps, DataOps and MLOps methodologies. Cloud-based platform services are a key resource in providing these modern operation processes successfully. Together with you, we build and implement a modern cloud platform which is tailored for your business processes.

After our engagement you will have a complete concept for a secure, scalable and state-of-the-art data platform. Furthermore, we will have set up a „minimum viable platform” within Azure which can run and operate any AI-Use-Case.