Cloud Cost Optimization Assessment in 4 Weeks


A 4-week assessment that identifies Cloud Cost Optimization workstreams across the below areas.

Cloud cost optimization refers to an approach of minimizing cloud computing costs while maximizing the value and efficiency of resources utilized in cloud environments. As organizations increasingly rely on cloud services, optimizing cloud costs has become a crucial aspect of managing overall IT expenses.

How do we address it? There are a few ways to achieve cloud cost optimization. As part of the four week assessment, In collaboration with the Client's Cloud business office and enterprise cloud architects, Paradigm Technology will identify opportunities across Storage, Compute, Reserved Instances, and Refactor Strategies to optimize cloud cost spend.

Below are key activities that will be implemented by the Paradigm Team –

  • Project Kick off and Identify Key Stakeholders
  • Conduct Whiteboarding Sessions and Workshops with the identified key stakeholders
  • Identify organization key focus cost savings areas
  • Review Current Azure Subscriptions and billing
  • Data Gathering and identify potential cost optimization opportunities
  • Create a prioritized cost savings opportunities that are aligned with the identified focus areas
  • Create a project roadmap with optimization strategies and with timelines.

Deliverables –

  • Organization Key Focus Cost Savings Areas
  • Azure Cost Saving Analysis
  • Azure Cost Optimization Opportunities and Strategies
  • Cost Optimization Strategies Priority Deliverable and a high level Implementation plan
  • Project Close out report

Expected Outcomes Cost Optimization strategies across identified areas along with a priority, complexity and a high level implementation plan as next steps.