Azure Migration Discovery: 2 Hour Assessment


A complimentary 2 hour assessment of your application(s) and your ideal migration and modernisation pathway to Microsoft Azure

The Azure Migration Discovery Assessment is Phase 1 of our Azure Migration process. During this phase, Parallo's Microsoft Azure Solution Architects will conduct a high-level assessment workshop to understand your application(s), including:

  1. What makes up your application?
  2. Where are the strengths, weaknesses, risks?
  3. What 3rd party components are in use?
  4. What does a good technical outcome look like?
  5. What makes up your COGS?
  6. What growth expectations do you have
  7. What are the perceived\expected business benefits of moving to Azure?

The Phase 1 deliverable is a High-level Azure Readiness Assessment Report in PowerPoint format with an analysis of the data points revealed during Discovery, including a detailed discussion on the way forward.

  1. The best way forward to get to Azure
  2. What can modernise on the way and\or modernise once you're there.
  3. The benefits of doing so (referring to the pain points revealed during discovery)
  4. The estimated cost to migrate
  5. The potential funding (if any) to reduce migration cost
  6. The estimated run-costs once in Azure
  7. An operating model readiness discussion to ensure continuous optimisation of the four pillars of operational excellence – Security, performance, availability and cost.

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