Modern Data Enterprise: 4-Week Assessment

Pariveda Solutions, Inc

Drive insights and value realization with Pariveda's Modern Data Enterprise offer. Our three pillared approach addresses the data platform, governance, and business needs to ensure success.

A Modern Data Enterprise seeks to consistently deliver value by driving decisions and action from data across the entire value chain. It aligns governance with the overall data strategy and centers around a platform that supplies value unique to your organization. This approach allows your organization to uniquely craft the way you handle data now and in the future. Pariveda is able to assess your organization’s current data maturity and recommend the steps to achieve better insight and make better decisions.

Pariveda's data platform architecture leverages best-of-breed Azure services to manage DevOps and MLOps Pipelines, Data Movement / Transform / Processing, Storage, Experimentation, Warehousing and Reporting. Examples of these Azure products include Azure DevOps, Azure Data Factory, Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Catalog, and Synapse. We believe these products provide a scalable, extensible, and secure environment that meet the needs of a Modern Data Enterprise. Through this assessment, Pariveda will provide a tailored architecture and implementation roadmap based on your organizations unique technology landscape.

The comprehensive approach is enterprise-oriented, to deliver data-as-a-service to the wider organization. Below is an outline of the key milestones:

Week 1 - Ideation & Visioning Align on enterprise vision statement across the business Determine ideation session target audiences and approaches (IOT, Process, Customer Journey)

Week 2 - Use Case Refinement Conduct sessions to refine and prioritize uses case backlog

Week 3 / 4 - Solution Architecture Conduct working sessions to define all required data platform components – data sources, data catalogs, and ingestion patterns. Define the required technology stacks that will support and provide the desired capabilities