Application Modernization: 6-Week Assessment

Pariveda Solutions, Inc

Pariveda's 4-step application modernization methodology ensures the right approach is chosen to realize operational improvements and speed-to-market.

A Modern Application Platform can help organizations quickly meet changes in industry trends and be faster to market. Operational improvements are realized through better processes, technical cost reductions, and labor cost reductions through rearchitected, cloud-native Azure solutions. App modernization also allows you to scale to the size necessary to meet the needs of your customers. Pariveda works with you to understand the needs and dynamics in your company that will factor into picking the best modernization approach.

Pariveda’s app modernization architecture leverages best-of-breed Azure services to manage and deploy your application platform. Examples of these Azure Products include, Azure DevOps, API Apps, Azure Functions, Azure SQL, Azure Active Directory, Blob Storage, and more. We believe that using products like these in an app modernization solution will provide scalability, extensibility and securability for your platform. Through this assessment, Pariveda will provide a tailored architecture and implementation roadmap based on your organization's unique technology landscape.

The comprehensive approach is enterprise-oriented, to deliver a modern approach for applications to the wider organization. Below is an outline of the key milestones.

Week 1 – Collect information, asset inventory, and conduct interviews to define current state

Week 2 / 3 – Define target platform architecture including structural architecture, technical constraints, key patterns and practices.

Week 4 / 5 – Application analysis to identify any gaps and improvement areas. This leads into establishing a cost/benefit informed roadmap with identified quick-wins.

Week 6 – Executive readout and review of roadmap, quick win plans, and prioritized projects to move forward with development initiatives.