Azure Migration: 5 weeks Assessment

Payoda Technology Inc

A 5 week Cloud Migration Assessment to help you evaluate and plan your organization's Cloud Journey

Payoda’s Azure Cloud Migration assessment is fast and efficient. We will analyze your current state thoroughly and map out the dependencies between various systems. Based on the analysis we assess your organization’s Cloud migration readiness, prioritize your workloads for migration and come out with a detailed migration plan. The plan will be developed in a way which lets you optimize your cost as well as performance.

The aim is to examine your applications and data to determine if you can move to Azure with minimal impact on operational continuity. The migration assessment exercise spans over 5 weeks in two key phases as below.

Phase 1: Discover

  • Defining Cloud Adoption Framework We identify the business objectives for your migration to the Azure cloud, assess your team's potential, and identify the skill gaps. We align the process with Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.

  • Understand the current IT ecosystem This step takes the forefront of your cloud readiness assessment as it helps you understand the feasibility of the migration initiative and gather sufficient information on your storage, network, data collection, operating environment, and on-premise hardware. This happens through multiple discussions with the key stakeholders. Our questionnaire identifies cloud adoption readiness.

  • Discovery & Assessment We identify servers, apps, databases and other resources to be migrated to Azure. With the help of Azure Migrate (Discovery) and Azure Migrate (Server Assessment), and other structured approaches, we create an inventory of on-premises computing resources and develop a service map (dependency map) showing their interactions. An indicative cost after moving to cloud will also be estimated at this stage.

Phase 2: Strategize

  • Migration Strategy & Optimization As part of this step, we help you design a comprehensive Azure workload migration plan. We prepare a detailed readiness report and migration roadmap. The Strategy for moving each workload and the application (Such as Lift and Shift, Rehosting, Replatforming using Azure PaaS Services, etc.) is evaluated in conjunction with various Azure Services. We also calculate TCO (with the help of Azure Total Cost of Ownership Calculator) and provide cost and performance optimization recommendations based on Payoda’s experience.

  • Planing Post-migration Monitoring & Automation We design and set up necessary controls in place to monitor the infrastructure post the migration activity and come up automation controls in place as necessary depending on the use case.

Key Outcomes:

  • Discovery Report, Assessment Reports
  • Benchmarked Baseline Cost estimations
  • Service Map (Dependencies)
  • Migration Strategy & Approaches, Architecture
  • Recommendations, Insights, Guidance on Implementation
  • High-level Roadmap of the Migration
  • Demonstrations (if necessary) of Discovery and Assessment using Azure Migrate.

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