Azure Migration: 8 Weeks Implementation

Payoda Technology Inc

Accelerating your cloud adoption through a 8 Weeks Azure Migration Implementation program

Reimagine your cloud journey and accelerate cloud adoption. Payoda, in alignment with Cloud Adoption Framework, enables customers to plan, prepare, migrate, govern, and support a variety of cloud workloads.

Our cloud experts achieve this by adopting various strategies such as lift-and-shift, re-factoring, re-platforming, and deploying a Cloud-native and DevOps environment by leveraging a highly automated approach. We collaborate with our customers in an agile way, creating smaller proofs-of-concept, immersive customer experience zones, collaborative pods for ideating and building next-generation solutions with hyperscalers, and future workspaces.

The whole service offering can be divided into three phases. A broader overview of activities underneath each phase is highlighted below.

Phase 1 - Assessment:

  • Scope identification and project launch
  • High-level architectural design and migration plan
  • Migration strategy, risk mitigation (backup, disaster recovery, and compliance), and deployment strategy
  • Communication plan & Rollback plan
  • Automated Discovery and Creating inventory of workloads & resources
  • Creating a Service (Dependency) map, Cost estimations & calculations
  • Possible optimizations
  • Plan for post-migration monitoring & automation

Phase 2 - Prototyping:

  • Identifying select use cases for quick prototyping and validating the migration approach
  • Setting up the initial landing zone
  • Setting up select Azure Components & Services for Security, High Availability, Monitoring, and Performance as per the scope of Proof-of-concept
  • Migrating select workloads (servers, users, databases, services, workstations, assets) as per the scope of the Proof-of-concept and validating the prototype

Phase 3 - Implementation:

  • Setting up your target environment.
  • Setting up landing zones and Azure Infrastructures
  • Implementing a Hybrid approach (On-premises and Azure connectivity) whenever necessary
  • Utilizing the Migration Readiness Assessment Tool.
  • Migrating workloads per the 5Rs strategy (servers, users, databases, services, workstations, and assets).
  • Setting up the required access control and user permissions.
  • Testing the migrated workloads; Repeating the validated migration approach for all workloads.
  • Decommissioning the on-premises workloads
  • Improving existing resources and assets, and executing any cost-saving assessment recommendations.
  • Setting up automation for required components.
  • Setting up Monitoring for necessary components and services
  • Documenting best practices and evolve them further

Key Outcomes:

  • ARM Configurations (if applicable)
  • Demonstration of Migration & Infrastructure, Performance / High Availability
  • Azure infrastructure set up & Landing Zones.
  • Documentation of the process and lessons learned / bottlenecks during the process
  • Test validation reports
  • Migration Report

We can help you increase your scale-based agility and resilience while lowering the risk of mitigating business-critical processes. We make it possible for you to coordinate business difficulties with services made to fit your needs, objectives, and resources.

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