Azure BC & Disaster Recovery 6-Week Implementation

PC Connection, Inc.

Connection will implement a production deployment of an Azure Site Recovery solution for your cloud and on-premises based workloads, in the case of an outage, corruption, deletion or loss.

Azure Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Services

You cannot anticipate when an outage will impact your business. Lost time and productivity often lead to lost profitability. Paying for a second site, or colocation filled with servers/VMs, can also be an expensive proposition, often making organizations weigh whether the cost outweighs the risk.

Using modern technology to protect critical apps and functions should not be a difficult decision. Let the scalability, affordability, and power of the Azure Cloud be your answer. The Azure BC/DR solution is built to scale with the ever-changing needs of your organization, as well as to meet your RTO/RPO requirements.

What Connection will do: • Configure Recovery Services Vault and Azure Site Recovery replication policies • Deploy Azure Site Recovery agents to hypervisor hosts • If needed, deploy Azure Site Recovery server roles and agents needed for VMware and physical machine protection • Enable protection for up to 15 workloads, including up to 100 total servers (virtual or physical machines) and up to 2.terabytes of total data across all workloads • Configure up to 15 recovery plans, one per workload, to coordinate multi-server fail over • Integrate Azure Site Recovery with Azure Automation Account and illustrate run-book integration in recovery plans • Perform test fail over of protected servers to an isolated network • Document Proof-of-Concept implementation architecture, functionality, and usage.

**Adequate Bandwidth and Storage IO is required.


  • Production Ready Implementation of Azure Site Recovery Services for up to 15 workloads, 100 servers and 2TB of Data
  • Design and Architectural Documentation