Azure Migrate Assessment: 3-Day Assessment

PC Connection, Inc.

Move your data, applications, and infrastructure to Azure using Connection’s Azure Migrate Assessment.

Connection will review the following areas within your existing on-premises environment:

Servers and VMs: Assess on-premises VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs, and physical servers in preparation for migration to Azure

Databases: Assess on-premises SQL Server databases for migration to Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL Managed Instance, or to Azure VMs running SQL Server

Web Applications: Assess on-premises web applications for a migration to Azure App Service Assessment Report

Connection’s Azure Migrate Assessment will provide your organization with a report containing information, such as: Azure Readiness: Assesses whether on-premises machines are ready for migration to Azure

Azure Sizing: Estimate the size of Azure VMs after migration

Dependency Visualization: Identify cross-server dependencies and optimize strategies for moving inter-dependent servers to Azure Migration Strategy and Statement of Work

Connection’s Azure Migrate Assessment will provide your organization with a migration strategy recommendation and follow-up Statement of Work for migration activities.

Using the three R’s to a successful migration, we will recommend any of the following:

Rehost: aka “Lift and Shift” to IaaS

Refactor: migrating and leveraging Azure PaaS or SaaS in specific areas or workloads

Rebuild: fully re-building the infrastructure from scratch, leaving behind existing components and leveraging Azure Native services as much as possible