Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Services: 2 weeks Implementation

PC Connection, Inc.

Connection's AVD Offer will provide managed implementation, image creation and management, cost and performance optimization, monitoring and support, as well as offering security and compliance.

The following core components of our AVD managed service can be tailored to help you achieve your business outcomes:

Managed Implementation • Set up and manage a new AVD environment or manage an existing infrastructure. • Configure and administer every aspect of AVD, including network engineering, desktop images, host pools, application groups, FSLogix profiles, cost estimation, load testing, data migration, and much more. The Connection AVD Managed Services scope is comprehensive, providing management for all Azure service dependencies.

Image Creation and Management • Create desktop images from gallery, VM, or existing custom image. • Manage AVD image host pools, versioning, backup, and disaster recovery.

Cost and Performance Optimization • Reduce compute and storage costs by adjusting resources to user demand. • Automate session management. • Auto-scale resources for performance efficiency.

Security and Compliance • Enable Azure Active Directory multi-factor authentication (MFA) and conditional access. • Receive network security, anti-virus configuration, and operating system patch management.

Monitoring and Support • Get proactive incident and problem management. • Your AVD environment is backed by our 24 x 7 x 365 customer support team of engineers who are certified Azure Experts.

*Pricing will be custom based on customers needs and will be scoped out. A Statement of Work will be drafted for customer review/acceptance. *Implementation states two weeks, but may vary depending depending on level of effort determined after scoping.