Connection Azure Enterprise Managed Services Plan 3-week Implementation

PC Connection, Inc.

Connection's Enterprise Managed Services Plan provides round clock management and montioring services, data safety and recovery, maintenance, 8 Dev Ops hours, allows for planned investments and more.

As a Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Services Provider, we have the skillsets, knowledge, and experience you can count on to manage your entire cloud lifecycle. From managing workload migrations to constructing customized cloud solutions, our experts can ensure your Azure environment is working the way you need it to. We’re here to manage and monitor your cloud investments so you can not only better predict your IT costs, but also get back to focusing on the core of your business.

Connection's Azure Managed Services Enterprise Plan includes: Support 24x7 support with 30 min-response time and includes Unlimited Support Operations Onboarding to our Cloud Management Platform (multi-cloud support), Phone, chat, service portal, and email support, Access Management, IaaS and PaaS management, change and configuration management, Incident and Problem management (Root Cause Analysis for serious issues), Unlimited IaaS Migration hours(limited to compute, network, storage, lift and shift only, no data architecture, data flow, or authentication inlcuded), 8 hours of on-demand services hours.

Health Monitoring and Patching Pro-active infrastructure monitoring, alerting, including escalations to client, 250 resources covered, Auto ticket generation, and assistance on down time events, patching of infrastructure components in coordination with client Security and Compliance Identify common security gaps at time of onboarding, Review, recommendations and remediation at time of onboarding (with client consent) Backup Recommend backup best practices for infrastructure at time of onboarding, review recommendations and setup at time of onboarding, Set up backup, redundancy, and HA of VMs, Kubernetes and databases within the tenant (with client consent) Cloud Management and Reporting Right-Sizing review and recommendation at time of onboarding, dedicated service portal dashboard, monthly email reports and in-person walkthrough Customer Lead Engagement Account Management (Customer Success Manager),Periodic account review, right-size your compute and storage with Budget Advisor (monthly review), technical account management (day-to-day point of contact), Monthly account review (administrative/technical) *Duration of activity will depend on customer environment and if migration is required.
**Pricing will vary and depend on how many billable resources that will require management.