Infrastructure manage service:4week Implementation

PC Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Hybrid (On-premise, hosted data centres & Azure) End-to-end Run & Manage services

Up to 10VMs

  • Our highly skilled and certified team members will help you to understand benefits of having run & manage services for your existing workload.
  • Once, Decision is taken to opt our services, pre-sales team will perform an assessment on run & manage service scope.
  • Once, Assessment is completed team will share detailed report on feasibility of run & manage services for all your workload, possible methodology and solution approach.
  • Once decision is taken on approach our NOC team help you to setup run & manage environment to manage complete workload.
  • Some features of this service are-
    • Run & Manage complete Azure workload (24X7)
    • Alert mechanism
    • Real time monitoring
    • Quarterly report sharing
    • Quarterly Complete System health check-up
    • Optimization & fine tuning recommendations
    • Anti-virus update & patching
    • System Upgrade
  • Additional (Optional) Services-
    • Helping DR setup on Azure
    • Backup service configuration
    • Application support
    • Infrastructure support
    • Database support