Advanced Analytics Discovery: 10 Week Workshop

Peak Indicators Limited

The Advanced Analytics Discovery program from TPXimpact will deliver a blueprint for your organisation's success in deploying Advanced Analytics to the Azure Cloud.

Many organisations have ambitions to introduce advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning into their Azure data infrastructures. A key problem that these organisations face is that existing analytics infrastructures don’t cater to productionisation of advanced analytics – which results in data science exercises being performed on an individual level. By undergoing the Advanced Azure Analytics: Discovery program with TPX Impact, we will help your organisation build the roadmap to the productionisation of advanced analytics projects on an organisational scale.


In the Advanced Azure Analytics: Discovery program, TPXimpact will work closely with your data teams to establish key foundational processes to ensure the success and sustainability of advanced analytics projects. We will do this in 3 main stages. Using a sprint-based, agile methodology – the 10-week program will be broken down into 5 two-week sprints. Due to the nature of agile, timelines are very flexible – an indicative timeline would look like:

  1. Sprint 1 (Week 1-2): In the Discovery stage - we will help your data teams ask the “right questions” of data science, meaning we can identify helpful use-cases for within your organisation. This exercise will conducted through interviews and meetings with key stakeholders.
  2. Sprint 2 & 3 (Week 3-6): in the Solution Architecture Design we will work with your data team to designing a target solution architecture for adoption of advanced analytics within Azure, featuring services such as AzureML, Azure Databricks, and Synapse Analytics.
  3. Sprint 4 & 5 (Week 7-10): during the Target Operating Model Design stage, we will work with your team to design a target operating model for the implementation, development, and maintenance of your Azure Advanced Analytics architecture. This will be in the form of documentation

Throughout all of the sprints, we will introduce key data science and advanced analytics processes such as CRISP-DM and Agile.