Annex A Reporting Discovery

Peak Indicators Limited

This product provides an automated pipeline to leverage existing data systems into streamlined reports, removing the burden placed on manual intervention.

Peak Indicators (now TPXimpact Data & Insights) is a part of a digital transformation company on a mission to build a future where people, places and the planet are supported to thrive.

This solution provides an automation pipeline that delivers a significant rise in efficiency, ensuring highly sensitive data is kept secure and accessible to only authorized individuals.

. What's the problem?

  • The education department had to manually and painfully produce a required annual report.
  • Delays and blockages were common due to the existing manual process
  • A lack of a meaningful templates or workflow caused headaches every year in producing this report.
  • Too much time was being taken by this existing process.

Here’s how it works:

  • We introduced an Azure synapse pipeline created to automate the flow of existing and new data into a new Data Model.
  • This Synapse Pipeline worked to transform the incoming data, granting a uniform format to all data entering the data model; boosting efficiency and reliability of the system.
  • We created a new data model in PowerBI which ensured an efficient flow of data - effectively capturing the data data requirements whilst minimizing redundancy and maintaining data integrity.
  • We collaborated to create the ideal report template, that could be relied upon to always provide the exact readouts required of this Annex A report.
  • We consolidated existing data systems together allowing for unique ID tracking across multiple databases, crucial for the analytical purpose of the Annex A Report.

What's the impact?

  • A complete end-to-end system created to deliver the Annex A report reliably and accurately.
  • A result that gave time for analysis, prioritizing results and time sensitive processes for all teams.
  • Automation of previously manual intervention, freeing time from existing work processes.
  • A report created that guaranteed the parameters required from central government on the submission of Annex A.
  • A complete provision of safeguarding & security across all data streams and reporting processes, giving peace of mind to stewards and owners of all connected data sources.

This solution is perfect for: Education Departments

Products Responsible:

  • Azure Data Lake
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure SQL DB
  • Power BI