Pebble Data Pipeline: 6-Wk Proof of Concept

Pebble B.V.

The Pebble Data Pipeline is an Infra-as-Code deployment of a data platform and pipeline that is managed, monitored and secure

Successful organizations rely on data. Strategic decisions require insights in enterprise data leveraging analytics, business intelligence and artificial intelligence. Data scientists and BI developers spend around 80% of their time on preparing and managing data for analysis*.

The Pebble data pipeline approach enables you to:

  • Combine all your different (IoT) data sources
  • Get sustainable value from your data faster
  • Save on labor and maintenance cost
  • Work on a secure and compliant data platform

Using our reliable Microsoft Azure powered data platform, the first valuable data driven use case can be delivered within 6 weeks.

The Pebble Data Pipeline offer is an Infra-as-Code solution based on Azure DevOps and Terraform. We deploy this platform (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production) based on the request of the customer. The pipeline is an end-to-end solution from (IoT) connectivity to data ingestion, data wrangling and data consumption using e.g. a PowerBI report or providing an API or other means of consumption. The power of the concept is in the Azure function based setup. The functions are developed to optimally run on Azure and can be event triggered or scheduled to run. As part of the Pebble Data Pipeline offer, Pebble has a repository of available and configurable functions that can be re-used. Based on the request of the customer, we will together with the customer select a valuable use case that the Pebble Data Pipeline can be applied for. Within the given period of time a Proof of Value is deployed in the Azure environment of the customer.