.NET to Azure OpenShift 4-Week Proof of Concept

Perficient Inc

Take your ASP.NET app to the cloud with Perficient and Azure Red Hat OpenShift

In just 4 weeks, Perficient will get your ASP.NET MVC app up and running in an Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) cluster. Your app will be running inside of a fully-managed Kubernetes cluster on Azure, which will set up your app up beautifully for a microservices architecture moving forward. Perficient brings app development and DevOps expertise and will guide your app onto Azure ARO. This POC includes full DevOps YAML CI/CD pipelines.

Have a legacy ASP.NET MVC app running on the .NET Framework instead of .NET Core? No problem, we will port it over to .NET Core for you.

4 Weeks to a .NET Core App in ARO

Project Basics

  • Fully managed Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) cluster
  • Port app from .NET to .NET Core
  • Refactor configuration and dependencies

Outcome and Deliverables

  • Fully-provisioned ARO cluster
  • CI/CD Azure DevOps YAML pipelines
  • Infrastructure-as-code OpenShift YAML template files
  • Knowledge transfer session
  • Application POC

Key Activities

  • Porting app to .NET Core (if necessary)
  • Architecting and designing your app's necessary OpenShift resources
  • Building and executing Azure DevOps pipelines
  • Documentation for how to build and deploy your app to OpenShift

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