Resiliency on Azure – 1 Week Scorecard Assessment

Perficient Inc

Trusting your cloud platform and solution resiliency is key to migration and expansion into Microsoft Azure. Grow that trust by proactively assessing and guiding your workload resiliency measures.

Outages are an inherent challenge for all cloud-based applications. Failures are complex and can potentially cascade throughout an ecosystem. A resiliency scorecard and action plan can help mitigate those risks in advance.

Azure Resiliency Assessment & Scorecard methodology

  1. Assess current position
    • Azure ecosystem audit
    • Application architecture analysis
    • Availability and scalability evaluation
    • DevOps & automation review
  2. Solidify resilient cloud vision
    • Guidance for best practices
    • Define goals for infrastructure, platform, and solution resiliency
    • Capacity planning for critical and off-peak loads
    • Cost/benefit analysis
  3. Craft a Resiliency Action Plan
    • Application Resiliency Scorecard findings
    • Azure organizational and infrastructure recommendations
    • DevOps, automation and scaling recommendations
    • Infrastructure and application design guidance

Key Activities (Resiliency Workshop)

  • Onsite or virtual introduction
  • Azure environment assessment
  • Technical and business-focused application discovery
  • Deployment and app management process review
  • Fault injection, chaos framework & stress test guidance
  • Findings presentation and customer education sessions

Outcomes and Deliverables

  • Application Resiliency Scorecard findings summary
  • Resiliency Action Plan (tactical best practices and resiliency tuning)
  • Cloud vision guidance (strategic guidance for organizational cloud expansion)
  • Platform and application architecture concepts