Backup as a Service - 2 weeks implementation


Enterprise-grade "Backup as a Service" plus the advantages of Microsoft Azure cloud and support by the leading backup expert in Greece

The enterprise grade Backup as a Service solution that protects what you value most.

Being able to restore your data is a fundamental building block for business continuity, for your compliance and reputation governance, and for protecting your sensitive information.

Our BaaS on Azure will back-up the right data, to the point in time (RPO) you want, while validating its integrity, and keeping it safe, secure, and available.

We will work with you to design and deliver a backup solution that will (1) restore all specified data (2) to the point in time where you deem necessary, and that will also (3) validate and test for the integrity of your data, (4) store them safely and securely, and (5) keep them highly available for when you need to quickly restore information, systems, and business operations.

• Adapted to your SLA requirements • Designed for your compliance specs • Focused on recovery objectives • Turn-key,ready to deploy system • Near real-time operator dashboard • Instant notification & alerts • Single, intuitive UI for all backup needs and extensive use of automation • Backup encrypted by default • Auditable processes by default • Stored in multiple, secure locations

At Performance we are passionate about technology and for what it can do. But we also subscribe to the full meaning of the word technology, which implies skill, methodology, and relevant knowledge about how to design, implement, and operate an applied solution. This is a core tenet of what we see as our engineering ethos, and it means that we look at solutions in terms of software, hardware, skill and processes, and –most importantly– people.

At Performance we couple our holistic engineering approach with a genuine interest in helping you solve actual business challenges, and with decades worth of experience in designing, implementing and supporting backup and IT continuity solutions and services in Greece.

An ideal match for your business and for protection