Azure Business Insights & AI – What’s Possible: 2-Hour Briefing


Discover how enterprises are unlocking business value with Azure Synapse. Our team of solution experts will lead a discussion of “What’s Possible” with Azure.

Amidst an array of challenges today, enterprises must maximize the value of data to compete. Many business leaders are struggling with the quality of their data, aligning the data with business goals and leveraging the data to make informed business decisions.

Learn how successful companies are making data-driven business decisions leading to increased revenue, improved experience & process, enhanced margin and incremental revenue streams by leveraging the Azure platform. The Azure Intelligent Data Platform fully integrates databases, analytics, and governance empowering organizations to invest more time creating value rather than integrating and managing their data estate.

Briefing Agenda:

  1. Winning with Azure: How successful companies are leveraging Azure for a competitive advantage
  2. What it takes to win with Azure from the business and IT
  3. How to win with Azure: The anatomy of successful data-driven solutions
  4. Q&A

With this engagement, the Persepta team will conduct a briefing with business and IT tailored to your specific industry demonstrating how Azure Synapse Insights and AI may be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage.

Benefits & takeaways of this briefing: Upon the conclusion of the briefing, you should have learned how the Azure platform is successfully delivering business value to leading enterprises in your industry today. Additionally, you will learn high level investment and timeframe requirements for your organization to successfully implement cloud-scale insights.

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