Data-Driven Business Insights – What’s Possible: 4-Hour Workshop


Challenge us with your business problem or opportunity! Our team of solution experts will meet with you to understand a business opportunity or challenge and discuss “What’s Possible” with Azure

Amidst an array of challenges today, enterprises must maximize the value of data to compete. Business leaders are turning to Microsoft Azure Synapse to reimagine and unlock new opportunities across all aspects of business.

With this engagement, the Persepta team will conduct a workshop with business and IT stakeholders focused on a specific business challenge or opportunity and how Azure Synapse Insights and/or AI may be leveraged as a solution.

Example business opportunities/challenges for a workshop:

  1. A business is experiencing margin erosion but have not confidently identified the root cause
  2. A critical business process that is extremely manual, error-prone, causing fragmented process and results in high real or opportunity cost
  3. There are numerous reports pushed out, yet personnel are unable to make informed decisions
The workshops are generally composed of two sessions:

Information Gathering Workshop
  1. Identify and discuss one or more areas of business opportunity or challenge
  2. Discuss related source systems-of-record
  3. Discuss related business processes
  4. Discuss measurable business goals pertaining to the identified opportunity or challenge

Tailored “What’s Possible” Azure Solution Options
  1. Potential solutions leveraging Azure
  2. Implementation estimates for time and cost
  3. Risks, change management approach and other considerations

Benefits & takeaways of this workshop: Upon the conclusion of the workshop, you should have learned how the Azure platform may be leveraged to address one or more business opportunities or challenges and a general idea of what would be required to implement those solutions.

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