Digital Front Door: 10 Wk Implementation


Enable an omnichannel experience for patients, care providers and agents delivering a digital platform for all phases of patient interaction and care delivery.

We are providing professional consulting services enabling the client to implement a Digital Front Door experience built on Microsoft Healthcare Cloud. We believe that digital technologies have the power to free up care teams for serious cases and give patients new ways to access the care they need, enabling a more meaningful connect with the care teams. Solution basket leverages the power of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and consists of two major components a) Patient mobile experience and b) Agent dashboards.

Following activities are planned: • Customer communication for prioritization of DFD use cases based on customer business objectives, non-functional requirements discussion, and third-party integration approaches finalization, procurement needs • System architecture & design customization, infrastructure topology definition as per the customer need • Base UX and visual design theme, branding guidelines • Implementation of DFD use cases through solution accelerators, and custom code • Integration with third party vendor systems based on specific DFD needs for the customer • Test data preparation, end to end testing of the system • Deployment of the DFD system at on premise / cloud infrastructure, publishing of mobile apps

Deliverables • DFD scope statement with DFD use cases specific to the business objectives • System architecture & design documents • Low fidelity & high fidelity designs based on branding guidelines • Implemented features compiles product & source code • Test plans & scripts used for system verification • Release documentation and use guide

The following use cases can be solved (but not limited to) Acquisition, Access, Retention and Outcomes. Providers who have implemented our solution have experienced: • 100% User Satisfaction improvement • 70% Decrease in first response time • 60% Increase in reimbursement accuracy • 26% improvement in appointment slot utilization for PCPs in first 3 months