Multi Omics Solution: 4 weeks Proof of Concept


Accelerates Multi Omics analysis by automating infrastructure and pipelines setups.

Overview: Precision medicine aims to personalize healthcare by tailoring treatment to an individual's unique genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors. Multi-omics data play a critical role in precision medicine by providing a comprehensive view of an individual's biological makeup, allowing for a preventive, more accurate diagnosis and targeted treatment and hence increasing the likelihood of a positive health outcome. However, the analysis and interpretation of large-scale and complex Multi-omics data pose a significant challenge, requiring advanced computational tools and expertise because of large volume, diversity and multi-dimensional scale of the sequenced data. Additionally, multi-omics data analysis is a complex process requiring normalization, structuring and harmonization of data for downstream consumptions.

Key Benefits & Differentiators: Our in-house Multi-omics solution is specifically designed to address the challenges, providing • A robust framework for managing data • Automating data processing • Integrating data from various sources • Customized reusable pipelines for key analysis needs • Conducting advanced analytics and interactive visualizations, and • Facilitating data sharing and collaborations

Process & Functionality: Our solution is hosted as a static website on Azure Blob storage. Azure AD/Keycloak enables user authentication. It allows the user to onboard Nextflow and Cromwell pipelines, launch them, and view and monitor the pipeline results and dashboards with Application Gateway. User can run the pipelines with Azure Batch which helps to scale the compute needs as per the volume of the data. The inputs as well as the results of the pipeline processing are stored on Azure Blob Storage. Date Lake formation is done by data cataloging the transformed outputs with Azure Synapse which can be queried using Azure Synapse Analytics. Our solution is integrated with Power BI and R-Shiny dashboard for data visualizations and interpretation to gain deeper insights into the data.