Smart Clinical Trials: 6 Weeks POC


6 weeks POC for GenAI powered clinical trial matching solution with text extraction and insights.

Gen AI-Powered Patient Cohort Selection for Clinical Trials Solution Overview Clinical trials are vital part of the drug development process. Traditional recruitment methods, which rely on manual screening, are plagued by slow enrollment, high dropout rates, and a lack of diversity in the trial population. These inefficiencies exacerbate the challenges faced by Biopharmaceutical companies, where patient recruitment accounts for up to 40% of clinical trial expenses, and recruitment shortfalls could lead to daily losses ranging between $1M and $5M. Persistent Systems introduces a game-changing solution: A Gen AI-powered Patient Cohort Selection tool, now available on the Azure Marketplace.

Key Benefits • Targeted Recruitment • Improved Clinical Outcomes • Accelerated Drug Development

How It Works Using cutting-edge Generative AI techniques, our solution fetches patient criteria and conducts a rapid query on the patient database. We leverage Snowpark, a Snowflake framework, for pre-processing, feature engineering, model training, and inferencing, ensuring no additional compute or configuration overheads.

In today's rapidly evolving healthcare sector, being a step ahead is paramount. With our AI-driven Patient Cohort Selection tool on the Azure Marketplace, Pharma and CRO companies can optimize their recruitment strategies, streamline drug development, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes. To harness the transformative potential of AI in clinical trials and explore our other innovative Healthcare & Life Sciences offerings, connect with Persistent Systems.

Why Choose Persistent Systems - Our Differentiators • Expertise: With vast experience in conducting large-scale data analysis, we cater to the burgeoning needs of clinical research. • Cost and Time Efficiency: Our AI-driven approach promises reduced costs, faster time-to-market, and better patient outcomes. • Scalability: Designed to cater to both small-scale and large-scale clinical trials. • Precision: Our AI-driven approach ensures the right patient cohort for your clinical trials.
• Innovation: Our solution not only streamlines the recruitment process but also addresses the critical challenge of ensuring diverse and representative trial populations.
• Integration with Microsoft Services: Leverage Open AI APIs for entity extraction, Microsoft Fabric, Azure cognitive services for selection of matching clinical trials.