Azure Application Migration: 1-Week Implementation

Petabytz Inc

PetaBytz's application migration service will conduct a smooth transition of your business critical applications, websites and IaaS services to Azure and continuously optimize the power of Azure

Move workloads to Azure with speed and accuracy and ensure cost-performance optimisation. This engagement is suitable for the customers willing to migrate resources to cloud. Migrating your websites and web-apps to high performance Cloud Solutions like Microsoft Azure is a prospect that diversifies and revolutionizes every process in your organisation. Upon completion, your team will have a step by step migration roadmap to move your applications and workloads to Azure. The scope of the service covers pre-migration tasks, migration of the resources to Azure and testing.


  1. Compute, network, storage, databases assessment
  2. Automated dependency mapping (applications, databases)
  3. Selection of migration scenarios and tools, risk assessment
  4. Azure cost calculation, TCO planning, machine sizing
  5. Testing plans providing (compatibility, network connectivity, performance and load)
  6. Migrate applications based on identified workloads
  7. Migrate databases from the existing system to Azure
  8. Fine-tune application configurations for any teething issues
  9. Verify migrated data and perform testing on the migrated application
  10. Switch public DNS entries from the existing system to Azure


  1. Successfully migrated Infrastructure on Azure
  2. Scripts, credentials, etc necessary for maintenance
  3. New enhanced architecture of the application
  4. Document architectural best practices
  5. Document concerns and recommendations
  6. Functioning application in Azure