Azure Backup as a service: 5-Day Assessment

Petabytz Inc

PetaBytz will deploy a functional Proof-of-Concept of Azure Backup & get your workload backed-up on Azure by securing your data on the cloud without extra costs of backup infrastructure & maintenance

Using Microsoft Azure for backup and data protection presents an opportunity to address a number of risk and compliance objectives as well as a whole host of other benefits, including:

1.Removal of tape and/or separation of short and long-term data retention platforms

2.A secure offsite location for backup

3.Removes secondary backup locations

4.Lower operational costs

5.‘Pay as you go’ storage

6.Save the Initial investment

The PetaBytz engineer will perform the following activities:

  1. Configure Recovery Services Vault and Azure Backup protection policies

  2. Deploy Azure Backup Server on-premises if needed

  3. Back up files with Microsoft Azure Recovery Services Agent (MARS)

  4. Backup an Azure VM with snapshots

  5. Perform test restoration of backup data


  1. Document Proof-of-Concept implementation architecture, functionality, and usage.

  2. Deep understanding of azure services, automated protection and disaster recovery in the cloud

  3. Review your infrastructure and provide suggestive measures to improve and how Azure Backup can be critical to safeguarding your business interests.

  4. Estimation of Azure Backup consumption cost