Azure BC & Disaster Recovery: 1-Wk Assessment

Petabytz Inc

Do you have a plan for Business continuity & Disaster Recovery of your solutions. Are you interested in easier disaster recovery with less cost? then your solution is PetaBytz

Our solution delivers easier management of your disaster recovery needs, reduces your recovery time, and avoids impacting production. Petabytz will provide Azure Site Recovery consulting services including analysis, planning, implementation, development of a Disaster Recovery Plan for your cloud and on-premises based workloads

Disaster recovery seems to bring its own set of problems. Whether it’s complex setup and management, long recovery times, production impact when testing it, or the significant expense of a secondary datacenter, DR can be challenging.

Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) allows organizations of all sizes to quickly provide a remote-site disaster recovery solution for their IT server infrastructure at a price point dramatically lower than other offerings.

ASR offers flexibility of deployment, cost effectiveness, and dependability. Deploy replication, failover, and recovery processes through ASR to help keep your applications running during planned and unplanned outages.

Additional Benefits Include:

  1. Automated replication – easy to configure, and easy to trigger.

  2. No-impact testing – test your DR solution without impacting production.

  3. Security and protection

  4. Ensure apps work when they are needed most

  5. Orchestration options – for more complex recovery scenarios, leverage orchestration that puts you in control.

  6. Test against recovery plans and copies of production workloads

  7. No secondary datacenter needed – leverage Azure infrastructure to restore your services.

  8. Only pay for DR VMs when active – when your Azure DR VMs are inactive, you only pay for storage used.

The agenda will be to apply Microsoft best practices to:

a. Analyze the workloads to be protected using the ASR Deployment Planner

b. Estimate the Azure operating costs

c. Azure Site Recovery architectural design sessions

d. Planning & strategy for DR solution

e. Implement the solution.