Cloud Database Migration: 1-Wk Assessment

Petabytz Inc

With PetaBytz's Azure Migration Assessment migrate Database from On-premise to Azure with our team of proven and certified Architects and Experts for your on-premise Databases

This assessment will deliver a migration roadmap for your on-prem Databases. We start with a review of your current database & provide Azure migration feasibility recommendations & cost projections. From there, we work with you to translate that information into an action plan that delivers a secure, high performance Azure Data Infrastructure. The service uses the Data Migration Assistant to generate assessment reports that provide recommendations to guide you through the changes required prior to performing a migration. It's up to you to perform any remediation required.


  1. Kick off & Requirement gathering
  2. Understand business need for cloud movement
  3. Understanding of existing on prem Database landscape
  4. Gather On prem security requirement & server infrastructure inventory details
  5. Finalize the scope of database for assessment
  6. Establish connectivity of the assessment agent with the On- prem environment
  7. Initiate automated assessment of the On-prem database landscape
  8. Analysis of the reports generated from the assessment
  9. Analyze the assessment report and identify remediations for the gaps reported between source and target databases.
  10. Deliver a cloud readiness report (Deliverables)
  11. Provide assessment report with the percentage readiness of the Database landscape for cloud movement
  12. Recommend migration approach
  13. Provide details of target landscape on Azure
  14. Estimate the efforts required for migration

Time taken to perform analysis of the assessment report will vary based on the scope and size of your database environment.


  1. Server & Database Inventory and Version Report
  2. Report for destination migration to VM or PaaS.
  3. Report detailing output from the assessment and if your database is a candidate for cloud migration
  4. Produce Azure VM and blob sizing, migration modernization opportunities and cost modeling
  5. Azure VM Migration Report, including Azure readiness, storage profiling, and cost projections