Azure DevOps : 5-Days Implementation

Petabytz Inc

POC helps your development team uncover the integration and use of Azure Boards, Repos, Pipelines, Artifacts and Test Plans, into your organizations existing workflows.

In just one week! Move your DevOps to the cloud, modernize your apps and infrastructure, and transform your enterprise and explore Azure DevOps with us to automate deployments to any cloud with your favourite tools like GitHub, Docker, Terraform, Jenkins etc with PetaBytz a Gold Cloud partner This pilot project will enable your company to start taking advantage of the DevOps best practices and Azure tools.

Key Areas:

Define cloud resources in a descriptive way so that environments are versioned and committed together with application code into repositories. Manage git repositories, share, and collaborate with GitHub or Azure Repos.

From code to cloud, automate each part of the DevOps process with continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) with Azure Pipelines.

Adopt Agile methods with planning, tracking, and reporting for shorter release cycles and full visibility into your development and infrastructure workflows, using Azure Boards.

Treat infrastructure as code, letting you deploy cloud resources in repeatable and reliable fashion, ensuring cloud environments are fully governed, with ARM templates, Azure Blueprints and open-source tools such as HashiCorp Terraform/packer.

Monitor infrastructure and applications health, alerting and integrate into your existing dashboards or utilize the native Azure Monitor and Azure dashboards toolsets.


  1. DevOps solution for your Applications
  2. Presentation of discovered results
  3. Strategic advice and guidance on recommended enablement of Azure DevOps.
  4. System Architecture using Visio & Enviroment setup.
  5. Reference documentation and video snippets Implementation.
  6. Training and support.