Cloud Adoption: 2-Weeks Workshop

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Be ready to migrate to the Cloud with a detailed plan.

With the rising digitalization, Cloud solutions have become a vital asset. In this landscape, companies that are running on on-premise infrastructure should consider migrating to the Cloud to expand their IT capabilities and remain competitive. However, most organizations don’t have enough Cloud expertise to migrate on their own.

If that’s also the problem at your company, the Cloud Adoption Workshop will help you to address these challenges. Through the workshop, you’ll be able to design your own Azure infrastructure for migration and develop a plan for the project. Additionally, you’ll also gain a detailed understanding how the Azure Cloud will benefit your organization.


Day 1

  • Introduction to Azure - overview of benefits, patterns, procedures, and governance.
  • Definition of company business and technology objectives in context of the project.
  • A high-level discovery of existing workloads and infrastructure.

Day 2

  • Selection of workloads in the scope of MVP (low hanging fruits).
  • Setting goals for the MVP deployment.
  • Preparing assessment: workload migration readiness.

Day 3

  • Assessment of infrastructure and workload to be migrated.

Day 4-9 (off-site)

  • Planning necessary Azure infrastructure.
  • Estimating cost.
  • Planning the deployment environment and migration environment.
  • Planning migration of the MVP workloads.

Day 10-14

  • Session with the stakeholders to present solutions and collect feedback.
  • Introducing adjustments and defining the next steps in the project (MVP Deployment).

##With the Cloud Adoption Workshop you get:

  • a high-level project scope and defined workloads to migrate;
  • an architecture of the final solution;
  • a detailed plan for the MVP.

Next, you can migrate the workloads from the MVP to Azure.

Why us?

  • Microsoft Gold Partner.
  • 150 certified Cloud experts.
  • Support from Solutions Architects and Engineers experienced in migrating and re-designing monolith systems.