Landing Zone Deployment: 1-Wk Implementation


To deploy an Azure Landing Zone following CAF best practices to support your journey into Azure.

PHASE 1: WORKSHOP As a starting point, this workshop will allow you to engage with Phoenix resources to help determine the characteristics of their Azure Landing Zone, detailing any specific requirements or particular configurations desired.

Topics covered will include:

• Identity management • Azure Policy definitions • Naming Standards for Azure resources • Network topology and connectivity • Resource organisation • Azure Gateway design • Management Group Hierarchy • Platform as a Service transformation tools • Infrastructure as a Service Migration tools • Backup and Disaster Recovery • Remote access methodology • Role Based Access Control • Azure Resource Tagging • Azure IaaS Domain Controllers

PHASE 2: DESIGN During this stage, the Phoenix resource will produce an Azure Landing Zone design incorporating the information acquired in the Phase 1.

This design will be provided to Company Name to allow for changes, additions and sign off prior to phase 3.

PHASE 3: DEPLOYMENT The final stage, this is where deployment of the design occurs. The Phoenix resource will create the blueprints necessary for the deployment of the Azure Landing Zone detailed in phase 2 in addition to deploying any additional resources required and making any final adjustments requested by Company Name as part of this overall project.

A handover document will be provided detailing the initial design and any subsequent changes made during the deployment phase. This document can be considered the baseline for the Azure Landing Zone and will enable Company Name to revert any changes they make in the future should they require to do so.