Azure transformation five-day proof of concept

Piksel Ltd

Azure migration and transformation briefing, assessment, planning and proof of concept activity to identify and validate candidate services and benefits.

Piksel Group have delivered Azure migration and transformation projects to globally-recognizable customers and fully understand the challenges organizations of all sizes face when considering whether Azure cloud will deliver business benefits.

We have a proven approach to helping identify our customers' business and technical requirements, both functional and non-functional, that leads to the migration or transformation of existing services to Azure. Our cloud migration solutions will ensure you get the most from your migration and Microsoft Azure and to prove this, Piksel offers a no-risk first-steps in Azure proof of concept service, identifying a customer's candidate service and replicating this using cloud services.

Piksel will initially provide a free cloud services briefing and using our cloud readiness assessment tool, business services can be quickly categorized and assessed with the assistance of subject matter experts identifying the benefits of cloud, and where it doesn't. Piksel will then conduct an in-depth assessment of the candidate service to produce a bespoke digital transformation plan and conduct Proof of Concept activities to prove any assumptions made.

Piksel can also deliver full data centre migrations to Azure and help empower your business with a modern Office 365 workplace, reaping the benefits of cloud with cloud-native applications.


Day 1

  • Introductions and Azure overview incl. benefits, patterns and governance

  • Overview of your current service catalogue and business drivers

  • Cloud readiness assessment exercise including stakeholders

  • Identify candidate services for transformation and identify benefits of using the cloud

Day 2

  • Review

  • In-depth infrastructure assessment: opportunities and risks

  • Digital transformation planning: agree tactical and strategic goals

Day 3-5

  • Conduct a proof of concept implementation of a candidate services

Day 5

  • Debrief and feedback session with stakeholders