DataDebut Cloud Analytics: 5-Day Proof of Concept

Pivotal BI Limited

Verify your business case for moving to Azure with a working cloud-hosted analytics solution.
Need a quick solution for demonstration purposes or to confirm a specific use case? This cloud analytics proof of concept engagement starting at **5 days** duration will focus on any aspect of your data estate, helping you build on your understandings of cloud concepts and offerings, so you can: * Identify potential future value of enhancing your data platform * Define your path to harnessing cloud-native data analytics * Showcase the functionality of the cloud to your stakeholders, using a proof of concept with data they know We believe that a short Proof of Concept exercise, based on any system or area of your choosing, will help address any concern or reservation you might have with a cloud-native data analytics solution. Alongside this, we aim to introduce to you some of the numerous advantages offered by this technology. Our data analytics advisors will architect, cost and deliver a solution to help you identify the future potential of your data platform. ## What do we offer? **Evaluation:** Review of your requirements for cloud analytics and appraisal of existing candidate systems you may be considering moving to the cloud. **Design:** Architectural proposals for discussion and approval, costing and implementation details. **Delivery:** Proof of Concept system developed and hosted in the cloud, demonstrated to stakeholders. **Review:** Together we'll measure the success of the project and devise your next steps. For more information on this or any of our other products and services please head over to [](