Identity, Governance and Security Assessment - 2 week Assessment

Plain Concepts

Protect Your Investment ​- This Assessment is an in-depth evaluation of the management of access and identify in your organization. We will perform a complete gap analysis of your access security.

Licensing Compliance​ - The tenant’s licensing will be reviewed to ensure that it is​ optimal and assigned correctly.

Security Review​ - Review of Microsoft’s best practices in security of the tenant, verifying the use of MFA, Conditional Access, PIM, SSPR, Privileged Identities, external access, access reviews and Microsoft Defender.

Identity Analysis​ - Analysis of identity models, synchronization status, user and​ group configuration, ADFS, ADConnect.

Governance Guidance​ - Azure Active Directory Identity Governance increases users' productivity by making it easier to request access to apps, groups, and Microsoft Teams in one access package.

Analysis of Tenant’s Main Services​ - Review of the configuration of the main services - Exchange,​ Sharepoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Conclusions and Recommendations​ - We will document our recommendations and outline timeline and steps to increase your level of early detection and reduce vulnerabilities.

Final price depends on geography