Plan It: Bespoke Azure Application Discovery 3-Days Workshop

Playtime Solutions

3 day workshop and consulting service to uncover whether you should build bespoke or buy your next application on Azure.

Should you buy or build your next application on Azure? Discover whether bespoke is right for you.

For many organisations looking to innovate and carve out their competitive edge, building a bespoke application will be the best option to deliver success. However, it does require a strong strategy, investment and commitment - and in our experience, it's going bespoke is not always the best path for every situation.

Sit down with one of our Principal Consultants as part of our Plan It Discovery workshop to discover whether building a bespoke application in Azure is right for your organisation. We’ll help you strengthen your strategy, identify gaps, and align requirements for success. Leverage the power behind industry leading Azure services such as Azure Container Apps, AKS (Managed Kubernetes Service), Power BI, Azure Media Services, and others.

You’ll gain the insights and advice from our team who has helped many organisations  achieve business outcomes by building bespoke applications on Azure

Who would benefit from this workshop?

  • Organisations who are in the early stages of their Application Innovation journey and just don’t know where to start.
  • Organisations with a stagnant cloud-first strategy that want to ensure they make the right investment decision.
  • Organisations with stalled continuous innovation and improvement.
  • Organisations that have started their Azure journey but are not sure how to build new applications in Azure.


Day 1 - Discovery Workshop

    • ½ day workshop to dive into your requirements, objectives and current environment
    • Align stakeholders, ask questions, gain insights and help achieve the right outcome for your organisation.

Day 2 & 3 - Findings & Recommendations

    • Up to 2.5 days of analysis and design by a Playtime Solutions specialist.
    • High-level solution architecture on Azure
    • Recommendation on the best Azure services to help you achieve your business outcomes.
    • Recommended approach and actionable steps
    • Estimated project costs and timeline to build your bespoke Azure application.