Predictive Quality & Parameter Recom., 8-Wk PoC

pmOne AG

Significantly reduce production waste with Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft Azure

Does production waste and rework cost you too much money? In production, many influencing factors can reduce product quality. There is always the risk of producing entire batches of waste if target values are not met. The complexity caused by hundreds of setting options makes it difficult for the machine operator to select the correct settings.

By utilizing Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, pmOne develops a product quality prediction and a recommender system for machine settings. This results in a Microsoft Azure based assistance system and enables machine operators to avoid waste before it occurs. The Recommender system makes setting suggestions for the most promising process parameters.

The prediction results and the recommendations are visualized in a comprehensible and understandable way in a Power BI dashboard. Real-time product quality prediction provides machine operators with feedback on current parameter settings. We show you the potential of Azure Machine Learning and other Azure Data Services and develop a reliable recommender solution together with you. As a result, with Microsoft Azure and pmOne you have a completely new system for quality assurance and continuous process control, which can significantly reduce waste. This leads to immediate cost savings and higher customer satisfaction.


  • Wk 1,2,3: Workshop, data screening, evaluation of data, data cleaning
  • Wk 4,5,6: Development of machine learning models in Azure
  • Wk 7,8 Evaluation of the models, presentation of results and recommended actions, visualization of results in Power BI


  • Reduction of waste
  • Reduction of costly rework
  • Quality feedback during production
  • Assistance system for complex machine settings

*) Pricing and timing depends on the project!