DevOps Assessment: 1-Month assessment

Polar Squad Ltd

Let us research and document your DevOps-related practices and tools and create an actionable roadmap for the future utilizing the combined experience of our experienced senior DevOps consultants.

We would like to help you in your DevOps transformation and cloud adoption!

Let our experienced senior consultants research your practices, tools and architecture in all DevOps-related areas. We identify and document what is currently working well, what might be missing and what your employees see as the main blockers and pain points in their daily work.

After the research, we provide a roadmap of solutions that actually work based on our extensive experience from large amount of different clients and sectors so you can reach your goals efficiently without solving the same problem multiple times.

As a Gold-level partner of Microsoft in DevOps, Cloud and Application development, adoption of Azure cloud and technologies is one of the key components in our solution portfolio.

At the end of the project we’ll present the results as a clearly written independent expert report containing all the relevant information you need to understand where you currently are and how to proceed in your transformation.

A typical assessment takes approx 4-6 weeks based on the organizational scope.

In addition to understanding the current state, the assessment inspires people to a common goal - As the key players throughout the organization share their ideas, insights and problems, they commit to the transformation on a personal level.

Understand where you are

  • Get a good visibility to the practices and tools used by your teams.
  • Understand your employees’ key issues and pain points.
  • Get insight on how your practices and tools compare to the best practices.

Know the next steps

  • Get expert advice on how to solve the issues identified during the assessment.
  • Get clear recommendations on how to introduce beneficial practices and tools that are currently missing.
  • Get recommendations on how automate the currently manual tasks to increase quality, predictability and performance.