Base Program for Data Science: 10 Days Workshop


This workshop will give the attendee the programming and statistical base-knowledge to use with profit the advanced instruments of Data Science available on the Azure Cloud Platform.

This course will cover the basics necessary to attendees that want to get along with the Porini Advanced Course for Applied Data Science based on Azure Cloud solutions. In particular, the bases for programming languages T-SQL, needed to proper use Azure SQL-Server istances. Python will be part of the training offer since it is one of the main language available on Azure Machine Learning Studio. These two technical skills can be further corroborated by a general introduction on statistics and math required to understand ML and/or an introductory module about the Marketing Strategies and software like Dynamics 365 Customer Experience to understand better the environment where attendees will apply ML analysis.

The arguments treated in workshop will allow our customer to get started with the use of Microsoft Azure products.


Element of Strategic and Digital Marketing | 2 Days Introduction on Descriptive Statistics | 1 Days TSQL Base | 2 Days Python Base | 3 Days Python for Data Science | 2 Days

Prerequisites: None