Machine Learning For Marketing 8 days Workshop


Data Scientists who deal with Marketing Data

This learning path is addressed to data scientist that shall support the Marketing Division, providing them with data and results. A brief overview of the “working of” a marketing division offers the attendees with the environment where they will operate. Then the technical skills of the attendees will be enhanced trought laboratories of data gathering from social media and reviews and data elaboration with the most advanced ML and DP techniques based on Microsoft Azure cognitive services. Indeed, a complete module will be dedicated to the Azure Services for Machine learning that can be used off the shelf for marketing data analysis.


Day 1: Web scrap and API Calls with Python Day 2: Azure Machine Learning Day 3: Azure Machine Learning Day 4: Machine Learning with Python Day 5: Machine Learning with Python Day 6: Machine Learning with Python Day 7: Deep Learning with Python Day 8: Deep Learning with Python


Good knowledge of Python (Pandas, numpy, matplotlib, requests and related modules) Good knowledge of T-SQL SQL-Server