Azure Migration Readiness: 6-Wk Assessment

Practical Solutions, Inc

Server infrastructure assessment that analyzes workload utilization and provides Azure migration recommendations and cost projections.

This is a server infrastructure assessment that analyzes workload utilization and provides Azure Migration recommendations and cost projections.

A successful cloud migration plan starts with a clear understanding of your current server infrastructure. This assessment delivers a detailed review of server workloads across your enterprise. It also provides an in-depth analysis of the resource utilization of those workloads. From this data, we will provide a thorough Azure readiness analysis, platform and size recommendations, and Azure cost models to enable detailed migration planning. This will help our team identify application candidates for an Azure Migration Proof of Concept as a common next step.


Weeks 1-2 – Data Collection

  • Inventory of server infrastructure
  • Collection of workload utilization metrics

Weeks 3-4 – Infrastructure Analysis

  • Categorize workloads, such as identifying non-production
  • Produce Azure VM sizing, preliminary modernization opportunities, and cost modelling

Weeks 5-6 – Application-level Analysis

  • Target an application candidate for migration
  • Group workloads by application dependencies
  • Assess application-level readiness
  • Estimate Application Modernization level of effort


  • Server Inventory Report, including hardware, OS, and software attributes
  • Azure VM Migration Report, including workload utilization metrics, Azure readiness, optimized VM and Storage profiling, and cost projections
  • Application Readiness Report, including PaaS compatibility and remediation considerations