Multi-Access Identity Platform 3-month Imp.


Manage user access for employees, partners, and customers with a single authentication platform

Your organization likely operates using dozens or even more different applications. Those services are meant to be used by your customers and partners, but also by employees. Providing secure access to systems is not just about handling usernames and passwords. You need the right balance between the convenience of the user and the safety of your data. It needs to be automated, but 100% failure-proof process.

With many services available for clients and partners, eventually comes a need for a single, secure and convenient platform. A platform that will be used to log in to any of these services.

The answer is the Multi-Access Identity Platform (MIP).

MIP is a service that aggregates identity and access functionalities to all your applications and makes them accessible via a single login box.

We offer an Azure cloud-based identity and access solution implementation, which gives you:

One login box. One set of credentials to remember. And all the security you need.

  • Centralized access control- Whether on-premises or in the Azure cloud, securely authenticate internal and external users at an enterprise scale
  • Improved user experience - Single sign-on and self-service password reset among other features to help your users manage their accounts
  • Seamless collaboration - Work easily together with partners, customers and employees across multiple services in line with your security policies

Manage access for corporate and personal users with a cloud-based identity platform, built using Azure AD B2B and B2C.

Supporting application lifecycle end-to-end:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Solution recommendations
  • Architecture design
  • Development and testing
  • Deployment support

Optional:Managed Services after the implementation.