Windows 365 Cloud PC 10-Day Advanced Imp.


Our 10-Day advanced implementation will help you start using Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Windows 365 Cloud PC is your secure way to stream PC in the cloud, with a personalized Windows experience, including your desktop, apps, settings, and content, at any time to any device. Easy to manage with a fully managed service from Microsoft. Admins can assign and configure Cloud PCs using familiar tools like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Windows 365 Cloud PC based on Azure, delivers a reliable, scalable, and more secure solution. Improve organizational agility with an integrated Windows experience streamed from Azure to any device, anywhere in the world. It is simple—no virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) expertise is required.


Pricing - predictable cost with pricing per user, not per consumption

Simplified administration - one-step administration in Microsoft Endpoint manager for Enterprise edition

Security - conditional access and user Muti-Factor Authentication. (MFA)


• 10 Windows 365 Cloud PC trial license for 2 months

• Local AD integration

• Windows 365 Provisioning Policy

• Users plan include: Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 4 GB, 64 GB or Windows 365 Enterprise 2 vCPU, 8 GB, 128 GB

• Based on Microsoft Images and Custom Images

• Custom Security Policy and GPO

• Assist in Azure vNET setup if needed, to reach Active Directory servers, either on-premises or on Azure


Customer already have licenses: Windows Pro endpoints: Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and EMS E3 or Microsoft 365 F3/E3/E5/BP. Customer AD is in sync with Azure AD to provide a hybrid identity in Azure AD. The customer already has an Azure subscription.

*Quick implementation takes 7 days and Advanced Implementation takes 10 days

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