Chatbot Predu 4 To 8 WKs Implementation

predu s.r.o.

Implementation of fast-deliverable, decision-tree or Artificial Intelligence based chatbots.

Chatbots increase customer's satisfaction through lifelike communication and 24/7 service. They can also save time of your live agents in your contact center and handle common repetitive requests. Chatbots are able to connect to your internal systems and resolve various scenarios.

This implementation service contains analysis of your requirements to better understand your needs. Then we can recommend you best approach thanks to our 5+ years of experience in chatbot implementations. There are several ways how to implement successful chatbots and we will choose the one that will suit best to your scenario. We have best results with combination of our own software application to create chatbots based on decision-trees and Microsoft Azure Cognitive services. We will show you how these technologies works and we will teach you to use them.

Implementation consists of 4 to 8 weeks, based on defined use-case:

  • week 1: forming your business requirements and desired outputs, setting up KPIs
  • week 2: gathering information required to fulfill KPIs (public web, internal wikis, internal documents, description of internal processes, workshops with key users, etc.)
  • week 3: providing and approving architecture of chatbot conversations
  • week 4: creating conversational trees based on approved architecture
  • week 5: creating AI chatbots with Microsoft QnA Maker
  • week 6: creating AI chatbots with Microsoft Bot Service and Azure Cognitive Services
  • week 7: learning workshops how to maintain and enhance chatbot solutions via conversations within chatbot tool or via QnA Maker or via retraining a LUIS model
  • week 8: integration of chatbot to desired channel (website, intranet, MS Teams, Facebook, etc.) and publishing chatbot to production

This implementation service is recommended for companies which are not sure where and how to start and for those who have both business needs and desire for getting technical know-how.