Cloud Strategy and Roadmap 3-Day Workshop

Preside Inc.

Our Cloud Strategy Briefing and Workshop will pair your team one of our CIO-level strategy consultants and additional subject matter experts as needed to help you formulate your cloud journey.

The purpose of this engagement is to help your organization determine a go-forward strategy for cloud computing based on a series of workshops on the technologies and business requirements. 

The primary goals for this engagement are as follows:

  1. Conduct a series of workshops to work through elements of a cloud strategy roadmap and provide overviews of relevant technologies.
  2. Review the state and components of your organization’s current infrastructure.
  3. Develop a roadmap plan for how your organization will develop its IT services to better meet the technical and business needs. It will:
    • Describe the major initiatives that are recommended for your organization’s IT
    • The timing of those initiatives
    • The business drivers for undertaking each initiative

Day One:

  • Introductions and Engagement Objectives
  • Discuss the Current State of Cloud Adoption
  • Workshop on Refining Business and Technical Requirements
  • Cloud Overview Focused on Requirements Gathered
  • Review Compute and Application List and Request Additional Information

Day Two:

  • Collaboration Workshop: Connecting Everything Securely and Intuitively
  • Infrastructure and Application Optimization and Transformation
  • License Optimization
  • Security: Maintaining Control of Your Services and Data
  • Operations Streamlining
  • Cloud Solutioning – Focus Time for Creating the Roadmap Documentation

Day Three:

  • Roadmap Paving: Defining Priorities and Sequence
  • Engagement Summary and Scheduling Next Steps
  • Complete the Roadmap Deliverable