Azure Virtual Desktop: 2 Week Implementation


This 2 week Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation with Presidio will provide the necessary components to go live with virtual desktops

Discovery and Design Phase • Kickoff Meetings • Design Survey Creation • Engineering Design Sessions\Complete Design Survey with Customer - In lieu of full Design • Pre-Requisites/Requirements Gathering for Azure Networking and Azure Virtual Desktop Security

Execution Phase • Configure Azure Virtual Desktop Host Pool • Create Single and Multi-Session Master • Optimization of Master Image(s) • Configure required Azure Storage Share Solution for FSLogix Profiles • Configure Profile Management\FSLogix Profile, O365 Containers • Azure Active Directory Group Policy Configuration • Use Case Specific Group Policies\User Experience Configuration • Assist with installation of applications on Azure Virtual Desktop Master Images if needed approx. 4 hrs. • Image Management Requirements (Nerdio) • Azure Management and Azure Monitoring of Azure Virtual Desktop components including 3rd Party if required • Assign Users • Configure FSLogix App Masking for up to 10 applications • Configure Antivirus Exclusions

Testing Support Phase • Remediation Efforts\Fine Tuning • Execute the Test Plan to prepare for Pilot • Pilot Testing Support for approx. 24 hrs.

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