PwC OT and IoT Security: 4-Wk Assessment

PricewaterhouseCoopers UK

The PwC Initial NIS Assessment provides a strong current state view of a clients IoT / OT security posture mapped to well understood standards and helps prioritise subsequent programmes of improvement

Cyber attacks on operational technology are more complex and more prevalent than ever before. Malicious actors are smarter and more determined to bring operational infrastructure to its knees - from infecting engineering and manufacturing plants with ransomware, to hacking the systems that run public utilities. No matter which industry you’re in, if you have operational technology, these kinds of threats pose a fundamental risk - to you, your customers and the communities you’re part of.

We’re here to help you get ahead of the threats, so you can keep your operations running and stay productive. Our teams help organisations of all sizes, in every industry to protect their operational assets and systems, and strengthen their information security for greater resilience in the future. Our teams bring expertise in delivering Azure services, such as Azure Sphere and Azure Internet of Things to help organisations in securing their IOT environments.

Recently, malicious actors have started to pose fundamental - sometimes existential - threats to organisations by disrupting operations. Hackers know the value and importance of operational technology. They’ve shifted focus to infecting infrastructure with malware and ransomware, bringing production lines and factories to a halt until ransom demands are met. State-sponsored attackers are well-funded, more sophisticated and highly capable, targeting everything from water treatment plants to national power supply grids. And that’s not to mention unpredictable attacks from disgruntled employees and other ‘inside threats’.

Against this backdrop, your organisation is likely to be facing increasing pressures as you look to secure operational technology, including:

Getting a clearer understanding of the evolving risks in your Operational Technology assets and estates. Building a culture of vigilance and empowerment, with the right people in the right roles, with the right training and responsibilities. Supporting your security and technology teams as they connect more Operational Technology assets to your wider IT infrastructure - and increase the number of assets and systems they need to monitor and secure. Introducing new technologies and platforms - the internet of things - to your business and operations, potentially increasing the ‘attack surface’ you need to protect.

We’ll help you face these challenges by:

Considering the risks and implications of connecting more systems and assets. Focusing efforts, based on business priorities. Assessing maturity, prioritising short-term remediation and putting in place longer-term strategic improvements. Coordinating multiple teams with different needs and competing priorities, so everybody is on-board and confident to face the threats together.

We’ll help you build a resilient business that stays productive by staying ahead of the threats.

PLEASE NOTE: Pricing and duration are subject to scope of work and may vary